What is Fuel cell?
Fuel cells are electrochemical devices that convert the chemical energy of a reaction directly into electrical energy. The basic physical structure or building block of a fuel cell consists of an electrolyte layer in contact with a porous anode and cathode on either side. A schematic representation of a fuel cell with the reactant/product gases and the ion conduction flow directions. More.
[News_Image]2014.11.11 Toyota hydrogen fuel cell vehicle may have a turbulent start Fuel cell vehicle may experience similar market performance to the Prius
Toyota’s new hydrogen fuel vehicle may see little traction in the market during the first few years of its commercialization. Gerald Killmann, Toyota’s research and development chief, suggests that fuel cell vehicles will experience market activity that is quite similar to what the Prius saw after its launch in 1997. The Prius is one of Toyota’s most popular vehicles, but this was not always the case. When the vehicle was first launched, sales volumes were quite low, which had placed the vehicle’s future in jeopardy.

[News_Image]2014.11.11Honda sets up compact hydrogen station in Japan Honda Motor Co Ltd and Iwatani Corp have set up the Smart Hydrogen Station, the world’s first hydrogen station unit containing hydrogen production equipment, hydrogen charging system, etc.
[News_Image]2014.11.11Unique catalysts for hydrogen fuel cells synthesized in ordinary kitchen microwave oven Researchers have shown how a unique nano-alloy composed of palladium nano-islands embedded in tungsten nanoparticles creates a new type of catalysts for highly efficient oxygen reduction, the most important reaction in hydrogen fuel cells.
[News_Image]2014.11.11Honda to showcase new hydrogen fuel technologies at event in Japan Honda will attend an event to show off its new Smart Hydrogen Station and other technologies
Japanese automaker Honda has plans to showcase a full-scale mockup of its new Smart Hydrogen Station and associated technologies at an event being held later this week. The automaker has committed itself to the development of clean technologies and has become a strong supporter of hydrogen fuel. Honda was one of the first companies to commercially release a fuel cell vehicle. Though the availability of this vehicle is quite limited, Honda has been instrumental in promoting clean transportation.

[News_Image]2014.11.11Hyundai hydrogen fuel vehicles arrive in the United Kingdom Hyundai has successfully delivered its first fuel cell vehicles to the United Kingdom
South Korean automaker Hyundai has successfully delivered the first of its hydrogen-powered vehicles to the United Kingdom. The company has been promoting fuel cell vehicles for some years now, highlighting the environmental friendliness of these vehicles as well as their efficiency when compared to their more conventional counterparts. In the UK, there has been a push to promote the adoption of electric vehicles among consumers. Hyundai, as well as other automakers, see a great deal of opportunity in the country.

[News_Image]2014.11.11Coconuts could hold the key to hydrogen fuel storage Hydrogen storage continues to be a problematic issue that needs a solution
Hydrogen has become a prominent subject in the transportation world in recent years. As automakers begin to look for ways to comply with stricter emissions regulations coming from their most prominent markets, more are beginning to turn tohydrogen fuel cells to develop a new generation of vehicles that will produce zero emissions. Though many automakers have plans to release fuel cell vehicles in the coming years, these vehicles still face significant challenges that could slow their adoption.

[News_Image]2014.11.11Simon Fraser University furthers collaboration with Indian Oil on hydrogen and fuel cell tech research New PhD training program draws high interest in India, begins at SFU January 2015
Simon Fraser University and India’s flagship national oil company, Indian Oil Corporation (IOC) Ltd, furthered the collaboration they announced earlier this year with the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding today in New Delhi.

[News_Image]2014.11.11Japan is showing more support for hydrogen fuel Hydrogen may play a large role in Japan’s future
Japan is beginning to pave the way for a hydrogen society. This is a society that uses hydrogen as a primary energy source, rather than fossil-fuels or nuclear energy. The Japanese government has been showing more interest in hydrogen fuel in recent years, following the 2011 Fukushima nuclear disaster.
[News_Image]2014.11.11Model project in Japan will use surplus energy to produce hydrogen fuelhydrogenfuelnews.comvironment launches new project to use excess renewable energy and produce hydrogen
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